: Chagas (E.) photo.

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115pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Berlin, 2015


"For Found Not Taken, Edson Chagas walked through the streets of Luanda, London and Newport, Wales, collecting discarded objects and moving them, at times slightly and in other instances significantly, before photographing them. Taken out of their context and photographed in relation to a carefully chosen background, the mundane items are turned into abstract icons that animate the city. What might seem at first glance a symbol of a society characterised by waste and instant obsolescence is also a reflection on the fact that what is perceived as real is actually a construct. A selection from the series represented Angola at the 55th Venice Biennale, winning the Golden Lion for Best National Participation." from Stevenson gallery's website

Includes the essay, "Journal of Uncollectable Journeys: Edson Chagas' 'Found Not Taken' series and other works" by art historian Ana Balona de Oliveira. Text in English and Portuguese.

Photographer Edson Chagas was born in 1977 in Luanda, Angola, where he lives.