: Wilmot (A.)

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viii + 249pp. + 18pp. adverts, photographic frontis., folding map, letter pasted on f.f.e.p., hardcover, very small hole in spine, London, 1880


Pasted on the f.f.e.p. is a letter dated 4 April 1880 to Sir Bartle Frere: "Sir, I have the honour to request Your Excellency's acceptance of the enclosed copy of my work on the Zulu War", signed by Wilmot. On the back of the letter is a pencil draft of Sir Bartle Frere's reply. Sir Bartle Frere, High Commissioner for Southern Africa (1877–1880), implemented a set of policies which attempted to impose a British confederation on the region and which led to the overthrow of the Cape's first elected government in 1878 and to a string of regional wars, culminating in the invasion of Zululand (1879) and the First Boer War (1880-1881). The British Prime Minister, Gladstone, recalled Frere to London in 1880 to face charges of misconduct; Whitehall officially censured Frere for acting recklessly.