: Higgins (M.) ed.

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274 pp., paperback, Athens, 2012


A collection of essays that examine the West's and Hollywood's representations of Africa in the postapartheid era.

Contributions include:
"New Jack African Cinema: 'Dangerous Ground'; 'Cry, the Beloved Country'; and 'Blood Diamond'" by Bennetta Jules-Rosette, J.R.Osborn and Lea Marie Ruiz-Ade
"'It Is a Very Rough Game, Almost as Rough as Politics': rugby as visual metaphor and the future of the new South Africa in 'Invictus'" by Christopher Garland
"'Every Brother Ain't a Brother': cultural dissonance and Nigerian malaise in 'District 9's new South Africa" by Kimberly Nichele Brown
"Coaxing the Beast Out of the Cage: secrecy and disclosure in 'Red Dust' and 'Catch a Fire'" by Jane Bryce.

MaryEllen Higgins is Associate Professor of English at the Greater Allegheny Campus of Pennsylvania State University.