IDEALS AND BETRAYALS, echoes of exile

: Mgxashe (M.)

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320pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019


Anti-apartheid activist and journalist Mxolisi “Bra Ace” Mgxashe (1944 - 2013) joined the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) in Langa, Cape Town, in the 1960s. Involved in the underground, he was captured and imprisoned on Robben Island. On his release in 1966 he went into exile in Botswana. Mgxashe was working on this book when he died. He is the author of Are You with Us? The story of a PAC activist.

"The book captures a complex and painful past in an amazingly humorous and accessible manner. We are again made aware that the freedoms, however incomplete, that South Africa enjoys come from sacrifices of many Africans in our region and peace-loving people across the globe. The intricacies of the liberation struggle are narrated marvelously and urge us to take the struggle forward, however imperfect it may be. The book eloquently, though indirectly, raises a number of critical questions about democratic South Africa and especially whether South Africa could have turned out differently if there had not been a split between the ANC and the PAC, or if these two parties and their military wings had collaborated." Vusi Gumede, former Director, Thabo Mbeki Institute, UNISA