INCORRUPTIBLE, the story of the murders of Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani

: Groenink (E.)

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363pp., paperback, No Place, 2018.


Dutch investigative journalist Evelyn Groenink recounts her 30-year-long investigation into the assassination of Dulcie September, which led her to the assassinations of Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani. According to Groenink, what these three people had in common was that they were incorruptible and threatened the arms trade between France and South Africa - successive French governments had broken the United Nations arms embargo against apartheid South Africa.

"This book tells the story of the political assassinations of three brave activists and freedom fighters: Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani. Evelyn Groenink has unearthed how these comrades were murdered to make way for unscrupulous business deals, self-enrichment and political and military power. Underpinning this research is a geopolitics of apartheid: the quest for profit at any cost; the unscrupulous alliances; and the role of the apartheid state and homelands" Pravin Gordhan, from his foreword.

"Conspiracies...are often the brainchildren of a sensationalist press's fantasies. Groenink's facts and arguments, however, do indicate a real pattern...on the basis of investigation and comparison of witness statements she finds, time and time again, the same circuit: arms trade, illegal diamond trade, bribery." de Standard der Letteren, Belgium