IT'S ME, ANNA, the full story

: Troskie (A.) as Elbie Lötter

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438pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019


It's Me, Anna, a novel about childhood sexual abuse, is based on a true story. The sequel, The State vs Anna Bruwer, describes what happens after Anna shoots the man who abused her. In this new edition the two novels are available in a single volume.

Dis Ek, Anna was originally published in 2004 under Anchien Troskie's pseudonym, Elbie Lötter. The English edition, translated by Marianne Thamm, was released the same year. The follow-up novel, Die Staat Teen Anna Bruwer and it's English translation by Edwin Hees were originally published in 2012.

Anchien Troskie lives on a farm in the Eastern Cape. She is the author of Vermis op Allesverloren (2014), Die Besoeker (2010) and Nooit is ’n Lang, Lang Tyd (2008).