: Krog (A.)

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108pp., paperback, Cape Town, (1989) 2004


“'Lady Anne' is far from being a collection narrowly fixed in two particular historical moments - eighteenth century colonial life and 1980s resistance to apartheid. Like all great poems its reach is wide and deep. In this masterly English translation it speaks to new circumstances, in particular renewed attacks by young South Africans on what they register as a still repressive colonial legacy and to conditions of power in many other places where issues of belonging, identity, speech and silence are alive and active. Alert to the dangers of complicity and despite her view that it is impossible 'to hone truth with the pen/ to live an honourable life within so much privilege', Antjie Krog engages these difficult subjects with originality and power, in poetic language of great beauty, passion and complexity.” Ingrid de Kok, author of "Familiar Ground". "Terrestrial Things" and "Other Signs"

“Throughout 'Lady Anne' there is a rugged, gripping quality to Krog’s language, digging deep into the nature of South African life and her own self-challenging relationship to it...There is substance here, a regard, a responsibility, a creative response which is in keeping with the original nature of the volume when it was first published during the turmoil of the last decade in South Africa in the 1980s...This is an extraordinary opportunity to present a writer of tremendous significance to a wholly new realm of readers.” Stephen Clingman, author of "Birthmark"

Antjie Krog is the author of thirteen other collections of poetry and 'Country of My Skull', a book about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that won the Olive Schreiner Prize and the Alan Paton Prize in 1998. She was awarded the 1989 Hertzog Prize for "Lady Anne".