LAND, MIGRATION AND BELONGING, a history of the Basotho in Southern Rhodesia c.1890-1960s

: Mujere (J.)

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181pp., illus., paperback, Woodbridge & Rochester, 2019


A history of the Basotho, "a small mainly Christianised community in Southern Rhodesia (Modern Zimbabwe) who used ownership of freehold land, religion, and a shared history to sustain a particular identity, while at the same time engaging with Dutch Reformed Church missionaries and colonial administrators as well as their non-Sotho neighbours." from the back cover

"A fascinating account of what may appear to be a highly unusual community, but whose history allows a bright light to be cast on a broad and highly topical set of debates over the politics of belonging that should attract a wide readership."Jocelyn Alexander, University of Oxford

Joseph Mujere is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Zimbabwe and Research Associate, Society, Work and Development Institute, University of the Witwatersrand.