LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL HISTORY, studies in South African sociolinguistics

: Mesthrie (R.) ed.

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352pp., maps, paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (1997) 2021


Contributions include:

"The Khoesan Languages of South Africa" by A. Traill

The Bantu Languages of South Africa: towards a sociohistorical perspective" by R. Bailey

"Fanakalo in South Africa" by R. Adendorff

"The Formation of Afrikaans" by Paul Roberge

"South African Black English: lexical and syntactic characteristics" by Q. Buthelezi

"An Introduction to Flaaitaal" by K. D. P. Makhudu

"Language Change, Survival, Decline: Indian Languages in South Africa" by R. Mesthrie 

"Disabling and Enabling: implications of language policy trends in South Africa" by Kathleen Heugh.

Professor Rajend Mesthrie is SARChl Chair Holder, Linguistics Section, School of African & Gender Studies, Anthropology & Linguistics at the University of Cape Town.