LIGHT THROUGH THE BARS, with Helen Moffett and David Le Page

: Arackathara (B.)

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215pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019.


Father Babychan Arackathara, who worked as a Catholic chaplain in southern African prisons for 20 years, reflects on his work in restorative justice and reintegration interventions and shares the stories of offenders.

"Father Babychan's memoir is a powerful reminder that we fail so many people. Those raised in poverty still live out the 'injustices of the past', and are denied access to 'social justice and fundamental human rights'. These accounts are the nagging warnings of our collective failure to lift those who stumble - those who don't fit into the mould that we have created to describe well-adjusted people. Light Through the Bars is a reminder of how much more we can - and should - do to create a caring, just society" Trevor Manuel, from his foreword