MEDICINE IN THE MEANTIME, the work of care in Mozambique

: McKay (R.)

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241pp., illus., paperback, Durham, 2018


Ramah McKay follows two medical projects in Mozambique and considers how the presence of foreign NGOs and the governing logistics of the global health economy "have transformed the relations - between and within bodies, medical technologies, friends, kin, and organizations - that care provides and how such transformations pose new challenges for ethnographic analysis and critique." from the back cover

"Medicine in the Meantime is a major contribution to critical studies of global health. With its careful tracing of the work of care and the politics of multiplicity, it stands as a milestone in scholarship on health care in contemporary Africa. Ramah McKay elegantly combines powerful, close-up descriptions of the dilemmas and concerns of care workers on the ground with broader theoretical discussions of the entanglements of transnational and national health services." Susan Reynolds White, editor of "Second Chances: surviving AIDS in Uganda"

Ramah McKay is Assistant Professor of the History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania.