: Peake (T.)

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193pp., paperback, Oxford, 2017


A novel about a South African man, now in his sixties and living abroad, who goes home to confront the consequences of a seminal boyhood moment.

"Tony Peake's compelling and haunting new novel makes the political personal...It is elegiac in its depiction of things half-understood, telling in its detail, and a gracefully achieved work of art made more powerful by its quiet anger and understatement." Shena Mackay, author of "Heligoland"

"This beautiful, moving novel is vast in how much it recounts and how deeply it makes us feel." Edmund White, author of "A Boy's Own Story"

Tony Peake was born in South Africa and has lived most of his life in the UK. He is the author of the novels "A Summer's Tide" and "Son to the Father", and a biography of Derek Jarman.