"PEOPLE OF THE DEW", a history of the Bafokeng of Phokeng-Rustenberg region, South Africa, from early times to 2000

: Mbenga (B.) & Manson (A.)

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207pp., maps, illus., hardback, d.w., Johannesburg, 2010


A history of the Bafokeng who, in the ninteenth century managed to acquire title to their land and so retain their patrimony while many other African communities were dispossessed and became landless. In the twentieth century, when the world's richest deposits of platinum were discovered here, the Bafokeng entered into a legal battle with the mining giant Impala Platinum, secured a fairer share of mining royalties and, using this wealth, have embarked on a developmental course that will secure their future.

Bernard Mbenga is Professor of History at the North-West University (Mafikeng campus) and is a co-editor and co-author of the New History of South Africa (with Herman Giliomee) and of the Cambridge History of South Africa, volume 1.

Andrew Manson is a Research Fellow in the Department of History at the University of South Africa.