PHILOSOPHY ON THE BORDER, decoloniality and the shudder of the origin

: Praeg (L.) ed.

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177pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2019


A collection of essays that respond to the #MustFall student protests of 2015 and 2016.

Contributions include:
"How Should We Teach the History of Philosophy Today?" by Anke Graneß
"Curriculum in Times of Decolonisation: reflections on knowledge, power and identity at the University of the Free State" by Lis Lange
"Totality by Analogy; or: the limits of law and black subjectivity" by Leonhard Praeg
"Adam Small's Shade of Black Consciousness" by Ernst Wolff.

"This rich collection presents a profound challenge from the South to Philosophy everywhere. Starting with a thoughtful response to the recent student revolt in South Africa, it fundamentally problematises the self-understanding of the discipline and opens up exciting and at the same time necessary new avenues for Philosophy as reshaped through the recognition of place and event. In the process, it moves beyond many of the tired stalemates in the current debates and presents academics and intellectuals worldwide with powerful new ways of understanding their task. A must-read for every self-critical philosopher, which to my mind means every philosopher worthy of the name." Professor Louise du Toit, Department of Philosophy, Stellenbosch University

Leonhard Praeg is Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pretoria.