: Brink (A.)

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280pp., paperback, Reprint, London, (2005) 2006


Novel based on the life of Cupido Cockroach, the first Khoi missionary ordained at the Cape of Good Hope and sent by the London Missionary Society to a remote and arid region in the North-western Cape. The members of his congregation slowly disappear and he is left alone to preach to the stones and thorn trees and tortoises, returning to the dream-world of his people.

“From the stones of his country’s rich, tragic, tumultuous history, Brink has built a novel that should nourish his reputation for years to come.” Financial Times

“Peter Carey, Garcia Marquez, Solzhenitsyn: André Brink must be considered with that class of writer.” Guardian

André Brink (1935-2015) won the CNA Award three times and was twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize. He was Professor of English at the University of Cape Town. His novels include A Dry White Season, Rumours of Rain, A Chain of Voices, An Act of Terror The First Life of Adamastor, The Rights of Desire, The Other Side of Silence, The Blue Door and Philida.