RACISM AFTER APARTHEID, challenges for Marxism and anti-racism

: Satgar (V.) ed.

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254pp., paperback, Democratic Marxism series, Johannesburg, 2019


"This collection challenges many of the dogmas that have defined issues of anti-racism and social justice in the past. In this spirit of rethinking, the contributors point us in the necessary direction of deepening and evolving non-racialism in contemporary South Africa." Neeshan Balton, Executive Director, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

"Over the years Marxism has sustained scathing criticism for its alleged class reductionism and blindness to race. Without pronouncing finality on these issues, this volume examines the unfinished business of Marxism and its treatment of race and racism." Phindile Kunene, Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education

Contributions include:
"Emancipation, Freedom or Taxonomy? What does it mean to be African?" by Firoze Manj
"The Reproduction of Racial Inequality in South Africa: the colonial unconscious and democracy" by Peter Hudson
"Democratic Marxism and the National Question: race and class in post-apartheid South Africa" by Khwezi Mabasa
"Seven Theses on Radical Non-Racialism, the Climate Crisis and Deep Just Transitions: from the national question to the eco-cide question" by Vishwas Satgar
"Foreign Nationals are the 'Non-Whites' of the Democratic Dispensation" by Sharon Ekambaram.

Vishwas Satgar is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand.