REPAINTING THE WALLS OF LUNDA, information colonialism and Angolan art

: Collier (D.)

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253pp., illus., paperback, Minneapolis, 2016


Delinda Collier tells the story of the publication and dissemination of the anthropology book Paredes Pintadas da Lunda (Painted Walls of Lunda), published in Portuguese in 1953. The book features illustrations of wall murtals and sand drawings of the Chokwe peoples of northeastern Angola, which were subsequently adapted in post-independence nationalist art and post-civil war contemporary art.

"Repainting the Walls of Lunda reimagines how we write histories of post-colonial Africa, encouraging us to pay close attention to the material legacies of coloniality and modernization processes, and offering us a much-needed look at the complex entanglements of media with colonial/postcolonial and cold war narratives." Elizabeth Harney, University of Toronto

Delinda Collier is Associate Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.