REPORTING FROM THE FRONTLINE, untold stories from Marikana

: Nicolaides (G.)

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220pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014


Foreword by Alex Crawford, Sky News Africa correspondent

Reporter Gia Nicolaides' account of covering the Marikana massacre in August 2012, and what she and other female journalists experienced.

"Gritty, insightful and absorbing. This is an honest yet disturbing account of the reality faced by female journalists in South Africa. It is time our story was told." Devi Sankare Govender, investigative television journalist, MNet's Carte Blanche

"In Marikana, in a tense and volatile situation dominated by men and where reporters as a whole were viewed with suspicion, female journalists were in a category all of their own - neither wanted nor welcomed - and in fact seen as bringing bad luck or negatively influencing the miners' ability to cope." Alex Crawford, from her foreword

"This is not an academic tome analysing the tragedy of Marikana, but rather it is a window into the world of hard core news coverage. Never again will you take for granted the reporter on the other end of the line who is telling the story from a dangerous place." John Robbie, Talk Radio 702

Gia Nicolaides is a senior reporter for Eyewitness News.