RESPECTABLE MOTHERS, TOUGH MEN AND GOOD DAUGHTERS, producing persons in Manenberg township South Africa

: Salo (E.)

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294pp., paperback, Mankon, 2018


Examines how men and women in Manenberg define themselves through the practices of "ordentlikheid", or respectability. Manenberg is a township in Cape Town originally created for people classified Coloured by the apartheid government.

"The first to use the lens of respectability - ordenlikehied - in South African anthropology, Salo introduces us to the minutiae of quotidian life for those who self-define as unemployed and/or working class coloured men and women. Detailing the moral economy in Manenberg, she weaves locality, personhood (identity), respectability politics, hegemonic masculinity and intersectionality into an evocative text that resonates with authenticity and lucidity." Joy Owen, University of the Free State.

"Elaine Salo's book compels anthropology to rethink its method as theory and theory as ethics. It foregrounds the practice of living fieldwork - 'in which the field is home' - that defines her work and decades long commitment to mentorship, care, and advocacy of 'Others' that has reshaped the discipline." Anne-Marie Makhulu, Duke University, USA

South African anthropologist and feminist scholar Elaine Salo was Associate Professor in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware, USA. She died in 2016.