SKIN DEEP, dispelling the science of race

: Evans (G.)

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365pp., paperback, Reprint, London, (2019) 2020


Examines the latest research on how intelligence develops and new discoveries in genetics, palaeontology, archaeology and anthropology in order to critique race-based studies of intelligence.

"Excellent! In Skin Deep, Gavin Evans lucidly and comprehensively demolishes the rationale and evidence of the so-called 'race science' employed by some of our most privileged and respected scholars." Stephen Oppenheimer, author of  Out of Eden: the peopling of the world and The Origins of the British.

"This book contains a wealth of information, old and new, about race and its underlying genetics. Everyone interested in the distinction between knowledge and prejudice in this sensitive and challenging subject should read it." Jonathan Bard, Emeritus Professor, University of Edinburgh, and author of Principles of Evolution

Gavin Evans was born in London and grew up in Cape Town. He lectures in the Culture and Media Department at Birkbeck College in London and broadcasts regularly for the BBC World Service.