SO LONG A LETTER, translated from the French by Modupé Bodé-Thomas, introduction by Kenneth W. Harrow

: Bâ (M.)

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96pp., paperback, Reprint, Harlow, (1981) 2008


First published in French in 1980.

Winner of the 1980 Noma Award for Publishing in Africa.

Set in Senegal and written as an extended letter to a lifelong friend, So Long a Letter records a recently widowed Muslim schoolteacher's struggles after her husband betrayed their marriage by taking a second wife.

“...a timeless classic of African literature. Bâ brings the issue of polygamy into sharp, almost familiar focus for readers who might think it bizarre and safely foreign.” Catherine E. Bolten, University of Notre Dame

Mariama Bâ (1929–1981) was a Senegalese author and feminist. Born in Dakar, she was raised a Muslim. Bâ died before the publication of her second novel, Un Chant écarlate, translated into English as Scarlet Song.