: Fahrenfort (P.)

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222 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2012


Foreword by Shula Marks, Emeritus Professor, School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London

A memoir by Pat Fahrenfort, who left school at fifteen to work in a factory. She managed to put herself through university, involved herself in the struggle for democracy, and moved from working as a faculty officer at the University of the Western Cape to the Constitutional Assembly. Later she was appointed to a deputy directorship in the Ministry of Labour.

"South Africa's negotiated transition to democracy is heralded as a miracle the world over. Fahrenfort's life story captures the daily struggles by ordinary working class people who had to negotiate their way through an unforgiving system." Cyril Ramaphosa

"Our 'Big Transition', up to now told only by the male power mongers, is vividly presented here by a 'lowly secretary'. Perhaps this is the closest we'll come to a Marxist fairytale!" Antjie Krog