: Atogun (O.)

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234pp., paperback, London, 2016


A novel about a musician who returns to Nigeria from exile, to discover that he is no longer recognised, no one remembers his voice, and his girlfriend has disappeared, abducted by government agents.

"Burning with magic and loss, exile and return, beauty and heartache, Taduno's Song is a colossal epic disguised as a small novel." Marlon James, author of A Brief History of Seven Killings.

"Uniting a retelling of the Orpheus myth, an indictment of totalitarian inhumanity, and a Kafkaesque meditation on identity within the spare language of fable, Atogun's memorable debut novel testifies to the power of both oppression and art" Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Odafe Atogun was born in the town of Lokoja in Nigeria. A full-time writer, he lives in Abuja.