THE AFRICAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE, research and curatorial strategies

: Morton (C.) & Newbury (D.) eds.

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245pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, London & New York, (2015) 2016


“This exciting collection treats photographic images and archives as messages offered to an unknown future. Traces of past events become revelatory in the hands of these stellar contributors. This is a book that should be read by everyone interested in the potential of new practices of visual history.” Christopher Pinney, Professor of Anthropology and Visual Culture at University College London

“This is a timely and ground-breaking collection of essays that focuses on the construction of the African photographic archive as a contested, critical site of collection, reflection and re-invention. In eleven distinctive and finely-honed studies, the archive is stretched and extended – both geographically and theoretically – so that it ranges from the vernacular to the official, the ephemeral to the artistic, while opening up to question the very terms that it puts into place.” – Tamar Garb, Durning Lawrence Professor in the History of Art at University College London

Contributions include:
"Vernacular Recollections and Popular Photography in South Africa" by John Peffer
"Searching for the 'Source Community': The Ronald Ngilima Photographic Archive and the politics of local history in post-apartheid South Africa" by Sophie Feyder
"Going and Coming Back: curating the post-apartheid archive" by Darren Newbury
"Okombone: compound portraits and photographic archives in Namibia" by Patricia Hayes.

Christopher Morton is Curator of Photograph and Manuscript Collection, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, and Lecturer in Visual and Material Anthropology, University of Oxford.
Darren Newbury is Professor of Photographic History and Director of Postgraduate Studies in the College of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton.