THE ANNOTATED OLD FOURLEGS, the updated story of the coelacanth

: Bruton (M.)

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336pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017


Foreword by William Smith.

Facsimile reprint of JLB Smith's book, "Old Fourlegs - the story of the Coelacanth" (1956), with notes and images in the margins, an introductory chapter and concluding chapters that discuss coelacanth discoveries, coelacanth biology, coelacanth conservation and the significance of the coelacanth in science, culture and art.

Mike Bruton studied ichthyology under JLB and Margaret Smith and took over from Margaret as Director of the JLB Smith Institute of Ichtyology. Now retired, he runs a consultancy company, "Mike Bruton Imagineering".