THE BOOK OF NOT, a sequel to Nervous Conditions

: Dangarembga (T.)

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250pp., paperback, Banbury, 2006


Tambu has won a scholarship to the prestigious Young Ladies' College of the Sacred Heart and pursues her ambition to escape from her village, from her family, from her Africanness.

"The novel's irony - and irony is the armature on which this whole story hangs - is that Tambu doesn't see how false and unachievable her goal is. In a sense, this is the same old story of being black in a far too white world, even though here - more irony - the white world is actually in Africa." · Helon Habila, Guardian

Tsitsi Dangarembga is the author of the novels This Mournable Body and Nervous Conditions, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. She is also a filmmaker, playwright and the director of the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa Trust and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.