THE BORDERS OF RACE IN COLONIAL SOUTH AFRICA, the Kat River Settlement, 1829-1856

: Ross (R.)

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340 pp., maps, illus., paperback, New York, 2014


A history of the Kat River Settlement in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, created by the British to use the Khoekhoe as a living barrier between the Cape Colony and the amaXhosa. Robert Ross demonstrates that in the time that the settlement existed, the Khoekhoe not only created a fertile landscape in the valley, they also developed a political theology, "an inclusive nationalism that is the direct ancestor of that which rules South Africa today." Robert Ross, from pg. 1 of his introduction

Robert Ross is Professor of History at Leiden University in the Netherlands. His other books include "A Concise History of South Africa" and "Status and Respectability in the Cape Colony: a tragedy of manners".