THE BOSASA BILLIONS, how the ANC sold its soul for braaipacks, booze and bags of cash

: Styan (J-B.) & Vecchiatto (P.)

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260pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2019


An account of how Gavin Watson, former CEO of Bosasa, paid bribes to senior former government ministers and ex-officials from the correctional services department in exchange for lucrative government contracts. Watson, under investigation for bribery, died on 26th August 2019, a day before he was to testify before a tax evasion and money laundering inquiry.

"A timely, thorough account of the Bosasa saga. The chronicle of the transition from freedom fighters to unscrupulous state captors is astonishing." Pieter-Louis Myburgh, author of Gangster State

James-Brent Styan, a former financial and parliamentary journalist, is the author of Steinhoof: inside SA's biggest corporate crash.
Paul Vecchiatto is a parliamentary correspondent.