THE CLIMATE CRISIS, South African and global democratic eco-socialist alternatives

: Satgar (V.) ed.

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357pp., paperback, Democratic Marxism series, Johannesburg, 2018


"South Africa's National Development Plan supports resource nationalism, particularly more coal mines. Together with our carbon-intensive economy, addiction to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, South Africa and the world are heading down the wrong path. Our recent drought is a window into the future...This volume should be read by all concerned about a climate-driven world." Mokoma Lekalakala, climate justice activist and director of Earthlife Africa

Contributions include:
"The Employment Crisis: just transition and the universal basic income grant" by Hein Marais
"Challenging the Growth Paradigm: Marx, Buddha and the pursuit of 'Happiness'" by Devan Pillay
"Ubuntu and the Struggle for an African Eco-Socialist Alternative" by Christelle Terreblanche
"The Climate Crisis and a 'Just Transition' in South Africa: an eco-feminist socialist perspective" by Jacklyn Cock
"Capital, Climate and the Politics of Nuclear Procurement" by David Fig
"The Anthropocene and Imperial Ecocide: prospects for just transitions" by Vishwas Satgar.

Vishwas Satgar is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand.