THE EQUALITY OF BELIEVERS, Protestant missionaries and the racial politics of South Africa

: Elphick (R.)

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437 pp., hardback, d.w., First S.A.Edition, Pietermaritzburg, 2012


First published in the USA.

Richard Elphick explores the pivotal role protestant missionaries and their teachings played in shaping South Africa's history.

"'The Equality of believers' is an original and substantial contribution to the study of the history of Christian missions in southern Africa...The scholarship is impressive and the outcome is persuasive, and the book is undoubtedly the most important contribution to the debate to date." John de Gruchy, University of Cape Town

"Richard Elphick's book tells the engrossing and very tragic tale of how the missions policy of the Afrikaans churches led them to sacrifice their most precious possession, their faith, on the altar of Afrikaner political survival through its instrument, apartheid." Hermann Giliomee, Stellenbosch University

Richard Elphick is Professor of History at Wesleyan University. His other books include "Christianity in South Africa", written with T.R.Davenport, "Democratic Liberalism in South Africa", written with Jeffrey Butler and David Welsh, "Khoikhoi and the Founding of South Africa", and "The Shaping of South African Society, 1652-1820", written with Hermann Giliomee.