: Vollenhoven (S.)

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300pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016


Sylvia Vollenhoven writes about how engaging with the history of //Kabbo, the Bushman storyteller interviewed by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd, enabled her to unearth her own story, heal from a long nameless illness, and explore the almost forgotten world of her forefathers.

"Our ancestry is about our forebears, their languages, their culture and their stories. Apartheid sought to cut this off...Nowhere more so than with the creation of a 'new race' of coloureds. Sylvia reconstructs the tapestry of what she was not meant to know. Her fine storytelling skills makes this a journey of discovery you must take with her and marvel at the complexity. Then ask the questions about who you are." Trevor Manuel, ex-Minister of Finance

Sylvia has always been a seeker of truth. Blatantly honest. Sometimes recklessly honest. I admire profoundly the way she tackles difficult issues by going honestly, even recklessly, to the heart of the matter." Shaleen Surtie-Richards, actress

Journalist, playwright and filmmaker Sylvia Vollenhoven was a producer for the BBC mini-series "Mandela: the living legend". She is the author of the plays "My Word: redesigning Buckingham Palace" and "Cold Case: revisiting Dulcie September". She is the founder of the Vision in Africa media organisation. Her film in development, "The Keeper of the Kumm", was part of the National Film & Video Foundation showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.