THE LITERATURE POLICE, apartheid censorship and its cultural consequences

: McDonald (P.D.)

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416pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Oxford, (2009) 2010


"At last - a small Truth and Reconciliation Commission on South African literature! For the first time the secret documents of the censors and the roles black/white/English/Afrikaans writers and publishers played during apartheid censorship are brought together and scrutinized. Everything is exposed: from the unseemly sensitivities of Afrikaner housewives to the infighting between angry black writers and liberal magazine editors and all of it shows up like never before the vast stinking morass people inevitably create when they try to police literature. An extra bonus is the insightful analysis of the internal negotiations and outward strategies top South African writers developed to deal with the reality of severe injustice, on the one hand, and the effect of censorship, on the other." Antjie Krog

"Indispensable reading if we wish to understand the forces forming and deforming literary productions in South Africa during the apartheid years." JM Coetzee

Peter McDonald is a Fellow of St Hugh's College and a lecturer in English at the University of Oxford.