THE SHADOW WORLD, inside the global arms trade

: Feinstein (A.)

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701pp., paperback, Second Edition, Johannesburg, (2011) 2013


A new edition, with a revised and updated afterword.

"'The Shadow World' peels back the veil of secrecy behind which the global arms trade undermines accountable democracy, socio-economic development and human rights, causing suffering across the world. In the same way that Andrew Feinstein exposed a corrupt arms deal that darkened South Africa's rainbow nation, he has now turned his forensic gaze on the impact of similar weapons deals around the world. This book is essential reading for anyone who cares about justice, transparency and accountability in both public and private spheres, and for anyone who believes that it is more important to invest in saving lives than in the machinery of death." Desmond Tutu

"A devastating and scrupulously documented account of the greed, venality, and rampant corruption pervading the global arms trade. Andrew Feinstein has produced a brilliant and massively important book." Andrew J Bacevich, retired colonel, US Army, and author of "Washington Rules, America's path to permanent war"

"Andrew Feinstein has written an authoritative guide to the business of war. Chilling, heartbreaking and enraging" Arundhati Roy

Journalist Andrew Feinstein is the author of After the Party: a personal and political journey inside the ANC about his time as an African National Congress Member of Parliament.