THE STATE OF OPEN DATA, histories and horizons

: Davies (T.) et al eds.

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574pp., paperback, Cape Town & Ottawa, 2019


Over 60 authors from around the world address questions related to data rights, privacy, inclusion, and artificial intelligence and discuss the progress that has been made.

"The time when a few eager pioneers dared to dream about the endless possibilities of open data is long gone. The open data community has matured and shown its value. It is here to stay, but the landscape has dramatically changed. We have seen the emergence of new data intensive technologies, the use of personal data for questionable ends, and inequality between those who can harness the power of data and those who can’t. Although data can empower, we have seen how it can also promote bias, discrimination, and exclusion. As this book shows, the time has come for the open data community to rise to these challenges and deliver an inclusive, open, and bright digital future for everyone." Fabrizio Scrollini, Executive Director of the Open Data Latin.