THEORETICAL AND APPLIED ASPECTS OF AFRICAN LANGUAGES AND CULTURE, festschrift in honour of Professor Mildred Nkolola-Wakumelo

: Banda (F.) ed.

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352pp., paperback, CASAS UWC Book Series No. 130, Cape Town, 2019


Contributions include:
"The Form and Structure of Compounds in Setswana" by Budzani Mogana, Margaret M. Kopi and Herman M. Batibo
"Ikalanga and Shona Complex Sentences Formation Strategies" by Rose Letsholo-Tafila and Idzai Iris Mushayabasa
"Argument Structure Alternatives in Neuter and Other Verbal Extensions in Setswana" by Stumile Morapedi
"Botswana Implicit Language Use Policy Deficiencies and its Impact on Linguistics and Cultural Rights Development" by Andy Chebanne.

Felix Banda is Senior Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of the Western Cape.