TOKKELOSSIEBOSSIE, en ander dol gedoentes

: de Vos (P.) text & Grobler (P.) illus.

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95pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Midrand, 2022


Humorous rhymes and limericks for children of all ages.

Former teacher, artist and author Philip de Vos was awarded the 1989 Eugène Marais Prize for Daar's bitterals in die heuningwals, the 1991 ATKV Prize for Youth Literature for Vincent van Gogga and the 1996 M.E.R. Prize and Alba Bouwer Prize for Moenie ’n mielie kielie nie. In 1986 Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse was chosen for the International White Ravens Collection. 

His latest books include Karnivaal van die Diere (Carnival of the Animals), Vandag is Ek 'n Windlawaai (Day for a Hullabaloo) and Prente by 'n Uitstalling (Pictures at an Exhibition). Most of his books are illustrated by Piet Grobler. In 2015 he received a KykNET Fiesta Lifetime Achievement award for Music, Literature and the Visual Arts in South Africa. He lives in Cape Town.

Philip de Vos and Piet Grobler are well known for their Kat se Blad comics, first published in De Kat magazine, and later published in a book entitled Kat se Blad.

Artist and illustrator Piet Grobler has won several awards, including two silver medals in the Noma Concours, the Octogone de Chêne prize, and a BIB plaque. His latest books include Paris Cat (by Dianne Hofmeyr), Please Frog, Just One Sip! and Die Spree Met Foete (by Annie Schmidt).