TOO BLACK TO WEAR WHITES, the remarkable story of Krom Hendricks, a cricket hero who was rejected by Cecil John Rhodes's empire

: Winch (J.) & Parry (R.)

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255pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020


Winch and Parry document William Henry ‘Krom’ Hendricks’s struggle for recognition and the public controversies around his exclusion from South Africa’s 1894 cricket tour of England and the subsequent Test series. Hendricks was the first sportsman to be formally barred from representing South Africa on the basis of race. From the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, in 1892 he played for the South African Malay team against the touring English, who insisted that he was one of the best fast bowlers in the world.

"Highly readable and packed with fascinating historical detail, this is the compelling story of a rip-snorting South African cricketer whose career was smothered by the shameless colour prejudice of Cecil John Rhodes and his snobbish cronies. By turns formidable, sad, enlivening and enormously informative, this book pays Hendricks the honour that has long been his due." Bill Nasson, University of Stellenbosch

Journalist and author Jonty Winch is the co-author of Cricket & Conquest: the history of South African cricket retold 1795-1014.
Tax advisor and author Richard Parry was a contributor to Empire and Cricket: the South African experience 1884-1914 and co-editor of Cricket and Society: in South Africa 1910-1971: from Union to isolation