WAR IN WORCESTER, youth and the apartheid state

: Reynolds (P.)

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239 pp., illus., paperback, First S.A.Edition, Pietermaritzburg, 2014


First published in the USA in 2013.

Pamela Reynolds "combines a study of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)'s findings on the stand taken by South African youth with extended fieldwork undertaken with 14 young men who, starting in their schooldays, were involved in the struggle in a small town in the Western Cape...the book describes, from the perspective of the young fighters themselves, the tactics that young local leaders used and how the state retaliated, young peoples' experiences of pain and loss, the effect on fighters of the extensive use of informers by the state as a weapon of war, and the search for an ethic of survival." from the back cover

"This devastating yet methodologically restrained account of recollection elicited from black South Africans tortured as children or youth under apartheid, and of the failures of the restitution that followed, achieves an exceptional precision of attention and thought. Reynolds reconceives the task of the scholar in relation to government and to the long-term consequences of harm done, and offers powerful reflections on friendship and betrayal, on norms and ethics, and on struggle, its neutralization, and the question of a contemporary politics." Lawrence Cohen, University of California, Berkeley

Pamela Reynolds in Professor Emeritus, John Hopkins University, and Honorary Professor, Univerisity of Cape Town.