ZULU TERROR, the Mfecane holocaust, 1815-1840

: Binckes (R.)

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128pp., illus., maps, pasperback, Barnsley, 2019


A history of the Mfecane (isiZulu), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane or Lifaqane, a period of internecine warfare and forced migrations that changed the demographic, social, and political configuration of southern Africa. The Mfecane occurred during the reign of the Zulu king Shaka and the rebel chief Mzilikazi, founder of the Matabele nation.

Robin Binckes is the author of The Great Trek - escape from British rule: the Boer exodus from the Cape Colony, 1836. He lives in Johannesburg and works as a tour guide with his company, Spear of the Nation.