: Eppel (J.)

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71pp., paperback, Harare, 2018


"Eppel knows - and as this collection shows - he has written with a wry humanity about members of all sectors of Zimbabwean society, has sent up the pretensions of all groups, not least his own - and not least himself: he is willingly satirical about his own “will-to-form”, for example. He has, in some exemplary ways, transcended a narrow ‘settler-dom’." Professor Dan Wylie, Rhodes University

John Eppel (b. 1947) grew up in Zimbabwe. Now retired, he lives in Bulawayo. His poetry collections include Spoils of War (winner of the Ingrid Jonker prize); Sonata for Matabeleland, selected poems: 1965-1995; Songs My Country Taught Me and Landlocked: new and selected poems from Zimbabwe. He collaborated with Togara Muzanenhamo in a collection called Textures, which won the 2015 NOMA Award. He has published two collections of poetry and short stories, The Caruso of Colleen Bawn and White Man Crawling.