POLLINATORS, PREDATORS & PARASITES, the ecological roles of insects in Southern Africa

: Scholtz (C.) et al

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448pp., colour illus., maps, hardback, Cape Town, 2021

Structured around southern Africa’s 13 distinct biomes. Includes
the role insects play in most ecological processes such as pollination, predation, parasitism, soil modification and nutrient recycling; how they serve as food for multitudes of other organisms, and a guide to each of the 25 insect orders found in southern Africa.

Dr Clarke Scholtz is Professor of Entomology in the Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Pretoria.

Conservationist Jenny Scholtz lives on a Karoo farm and is involved in conservation and environmental issues.

Metallurgist Hennie de Klerk, now retired, has studied insects for most of his life.