THOMAS MUIR: 'LAD O' PAIRTS', the life and work of Sir Thomas Muir (1844-1934), mathematician and Cape colonial educationist

: Elliott (P.)

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238pp., illus., map, paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2021


First published in France in 2021. 

Thomas Muir was born in Lanarkshire and worked as a schoolmaster in Glasgow. As Superintendent-General of Education of the Cape Colony from 1892-1915 he introduced wide-ranging reforms and built several new schools. He is the author of the five-volume The Theory of Determinants.

Includes Muir's diaries of his travels into the Cape interior. 

Peter Elliot, Thomas Muir's great-grandson, is the author of Nita Spilhaus and Her Artist Friends in the Cape and Constance: one road to take, the life and photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee.