Jabavu (D.) IN INDIA AND EAST AFRICA/ E-INDIYA NASE EAST AFRICA, a travelogue in isiXhosa and English, translated by Cecil Wele Manona, edited by Tina Steiner, Mhlobo W. Jadezweni, Catherine Higgs and Evan M. Mwangi

: Jabavu (D.)

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306pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2020.


Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu (1885-1959) was a South African political campaigner, writer and editor who became the first black professor at the University of Fort Hare, where he taught African languages and Latin. In 1949 he attended the World Pacifist Meeting in India and wrote an account of his journey, which was first published in 1951.

Text in the original isiXhosa with an English translation by Cecil Wele Manona. Includes chapters by the editors that examine the international networks of solidarity which Jabavu helped to strengthen, biographical sketches of Jabavu and Manona, and an afterword that reflects on the significance of making African-language texts available to readers across Africa.

"A remarkable travelogue by one of South Africa's greatest intellectuals, D.D.T Jabavu, is available for the first time in isiXhosa and English. This historical gem enriches our sense of the scope and scale of South African letters." Isabel Hofmeyr, Global Distinguished Professor, New York University, and Professor of African Literature, University of the Witwatersrand

Catherine Higgs is Professor of History, University of British Columbia.
Mhlobo Jadezweni teaches isiXhosa at Rhodes University.
Evan Mwangi is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Northwestern University.
Tina Steiner is Associate Professor in the English Department, Stellenbosch University.