: Beukes (L.)

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391pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2020.


Also published in the USA and UK in 2020.

 A thriller set in an America where most men are dead and a mother is fighting to protect her son from The Department of Men, boy traffickers, and a cult of nuns who see him as an answer to their prayers.

"Lauren Beukes is an endlessly interesting writer, able to bend and weld genre to ask provocative questions and bring light to the shadows of the human condition. Afterland is a thoroughly gripping, imaginative thriller about a mother protecting her son, a rare survivor of a devastating plague that wiped out most of Earth's male population. In this new world, women exercise power for and against each other - the power of love, the power of violence, unleashed in the absence of men." Steph Cha, author of Your House Will Pay

Lauren Beukes in the author of Moxyland, Zoo City, The Shining Girls, Broken Monsters, Survivors' Club and And Also.