STUDENT POLITICS IN AFRICA, representation and activism

: Luescher (T.) et al (eds.)

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267pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016.


The outcome of the project Student Representation in Higher Education Governance in Africa that met in Cape Town in 2014.

"The book provides a 21st-century baseline review of student governance in a cross section of universities and countries in sub-Saharan Africa and indicates how student participation has evolved since the student movement of the 1960s. It provides evidence that the challenges of leadership, ethnic cleavages and good governance are already evident at the level of student leadership, often reflecting a national ethos influenced by political parties." Claudia Frittelli, Programme Officer, Carnegie Corporation of New York

 Contributions include:

"Student actions against paradoxical post-apartheid higher education policy in South Africa: The case of the University of the Western Cape" by Mlungisi Cele, Thierry Luescher and Teresa Barnes

"Student representation in a context of democratisation and massification in Africa: Analytical approaches, theoretical perspectives and #RhodesMustFall" by
Thierry Luescher

"Student organising in African higher education: polity, politics and policies" by Manja Klemenčič, Thierry Luescher and Taabo Mugume

"The evolving nature of student participation in university governance in Africa: An overview of policies, trends and emerging issues" by Ibrahim Oanda