LIEDJES / LIEDJIES, uit Nederlands vertaal deur Daniel Hugo

: Wijnberg (N.)

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187pp., paperback, First Afrikaans Language Edition, Pretoria, 2021


First published in Dutch in 2006 as Liedjes. This volume includes the original poem in Dutch and the Afrikaans translation.

Dutch poet and novelist Nachoem Wijnberg has been awarded the 2008 Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize, the 2009 VSB Poetry Prize and the 2018 PC Hooft Prize for Dutch Literature. Since his debut in 1989, he has published 18 volumes of poetry and five novels. He teaches business administration at the University of Amsterdam.

Poet, translator and editor Daniel Hugo has twice received awards from the South African Academy of Science and Art for his translations from Dutch. His latest collection of poems, Takelwerk, was published in 2015.