THE ADVENTURES OF BILL TOOLEY, a novel way of looking at history

: Hilton-Barber (D.)

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244pp., illus., paperback, Hermanus, 2022


"The Adventures of Bill Tooley is perhaps best described as picaresque or baroque in tone ... Tooley's adventures and his times are captured as a succession of varying snapshots, a series of short article-length snapshots ..." Bill Nasson, Emeritus Professor of History, Stellenbosch University

Bill Tooley, David Hilton-Barber's father-in-law, emigrated to South Africa in 1898, served as a scout for the British forces during the Matabele Rebellion, was recruited into Milner's South African Constabulary and posted to the Northern Transvaal, bought his discharge from the police force, acquired land in Mmamathola country and became a successful farmer. To these facts Hilton-Barber had added fictional elements and chapters of historical research to "give context to the narrative".

Journalist, author and publisher David Hilton-Barber's historical works include The Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations of Ponele Seshai as a Magistrate in the new South Africa, The Batubatse: their story and traditions and Matabele Rising. He lives in Hermanus.