REZA DE WET, die dramaturg as dromer, 'n huldiging

: Hauptfleisch (T.) & Keuris (M.) eds.

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223pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2020.


South African playwright, actress, director and drama lecturer Reza de Wet (1952-2012) wrote 12 plays in 15 years. She won five Vita Awards, three Fleur de Cape Awards and a Dalro Award as well as the CNA Prize, the Rapport Prize and the Hertzog Prize (twice). Her plays include Yelena, Drie Susters Twee, Op Des Aarde, Mis, Mirakel, Drif Diepe Grond and Nag, Generaal.

 Includes contributions by Marthinus Basson, Marietjie Coetzee, Temple Hauptfleisch, Mariëtte van Graan, Danie Stander, Marisa Keuris and Paul Boekkooi.