: Bank (L.) et al

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404pp., maps, paperback, Cape Town, 2020.


"The authors of this volume grapple with the complexities of rapid urbanisation and the surprising persistence of migrant labour inside South Africa after apartheid. This book is a pioneering effort to advance understanding of enduring circular labour migrancy. It's originality, depth and clarity make it required reading for those in universities, government, business and civil society, who wish to address this socially entrenched, yet constantly changing, feature of South African society." Alan Mabin, Emeritus Professor, Architecture and Planning, University of the Witwatersrand

Contributions include:
"Measuring Labour Migration after Apartheid: patterns and trends" by Dorrit Posel
"Marikana Revisited: migrant culture, ethnicity and African nationalism in South Africa" and "Entangled in Patriarchy: migrants, men and matrifocality after apartheid" by Leslie Bank
"Migrant Women in South Africa's Platinum Belt: negotiating different conceptions of femininities" by Asanda-Jonas Benya
"KwaMashu Hostel: rural-urban interconnections in KwaZulu-Natal" by Nomkhosi Xulu-Gama
"Rural-urban Migration as a Means of Getting Ahead" by Justin Visagie and Ivan Turok
"Harnessing the Ancestors: uncertainty and ritual practice in the Eastern Cape" by Andrew Ainslie.