: Boucher (D.) ed.

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239pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2022


Contributions include:

"Language and Decoloniality in Context" and "Language and Liberation" by D. Boucher

"Language in Africa and the Impossibility of African Philosophy" by M. J. Lamola

"The Need to Decolonialise the Language of Personhood" by M. Tshivhase

"Revealing the Power of Language and Developing Theory from Historical Artifacts" by S. Kumalo

"Colonialism, the Politics of Belonging, and the Reinvention of African Cultures: The Case of South Africa" by S. Ndlovu

"The Turn to Tradition: Colonialism, class, and the making of Zulu identity" by B. Ngqulunga

"The Politics of Knowledge Production and Publishing: The Case of the Zulu Society" by J. Sithole

David Boucher is Professor of Political Philosophy and International Relations at Cardiff University.